What is OPSEC?

The prepper and survivalist communities are filled with specialist terms, abbreviations and acronyms, all of which makes getting up to speed and in on the conversation much harder for new-comers. OPSEC is originally a military term used for Operation Security, the processes and procedures used to control information and actions, which if leaked or observed… Read More »

5 Simple Food Storage Techniques

We all know we need more food storage, but if you haven’t started building your supplies yet, just the prospect of starting can be overwhelming. These 5 simple food storage techniques can easily be added into your daily life without too much disruption, and either get your storage pantry off the ground, or give your… Read More »

8 Ways to Attack-Proof Your Home

The average home isn’t anywhere near as secure as we’d like to think. Worse than that, the conventional wisdom that is passed off as “home security advice” is just about worthless. All it does is to help keep honest people honest—not keep the dishonest or desperate out. Why, you can kick the average front door… Read More »

10 Long Shelf Life Foods

Most people need food on daily basis. While some people live in remote areas where the markets and supermarkets can be several hours away, our closeness to such conveniences shouldn’t allow us to become complacent and rely on them always being there and stocked. In either case, it is worth having some stockpiled foods on your shelf so you… Read More »

7 Items To Add To Your Survivalists Cache

You never know what might happen tomorrow, and where you may be, or what you have with you when something does. There is no better time than now to think about squirreling away some items for a rainy day. This could prove to be a life saver, especially considering all the natural calamities as well… Read More »

12 Must-Have Survival Tools

Living in survival mode is quite different than normal everyday life. I’ve met lots of people who thought that they were prepared for surviving a catastrophe, even though they hadn’t done anything to prepare. Usually, these are highly capable people who are used to doing a lot of things for themselves. Many have extensive workshops, where… Read More »

How To Pick The Best EDC Flashlight

Finding the right EDC flashlight is a highly crucial element of developing your daily carry kit,  once essentials such as a knife, phone, keys, and wallet are taken care of. Apart from being highly important for daily circumstances, having an excellent flashlight can enhance survivability in several ways. You will never get caught in the… Read More »